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Disney Magical Dice Tips, Tricks & Strategies – Android & iOS Platform !!


The Magic of Disney at your Fingertips!

Prepare for a supernatural enterprise with the main Disney tabletop game for your cell phone. Go around the board, buy points of interest, and remember all the energy from dearest Disney works of art as you play to win!

Pick Disney companions to play close by you as you step up your diversion pieces and purchase properties on the amusement board, including Elsa’s Bedroom, Cinderella’s Carriage, Pooh’s Honey Pot, and Belle’s Cottage!

Investigate the universe of Disney Magical Dice: The Enchanted Board Game in neighborly matches with other Disney fans whenever, anyplace.

Roll the dice to begin the good times! Highlighting disentangled diversion mechanics so it’s anything but difficult to get and play for everybody. Test up to 4 companions or players from over the globe in multiplayer diversion modes. The enjoyment of diversion night and the enchantment of Disney meet up in the all-new Disney Magical Dice: The Enchanted Board Game!

Key Features:

– Experience the enchantment of playing with more than 30 cherished Disney characters, for example, Elsa, Anna, Mickey, Peter Pan, Stitch, Rapunzel, Jasmine, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

– Journey through Elsa’s kingdom of Arendelle, visit Mickey and companions, or take off crosswise over Fantasyland on Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger!

– Collect fan most loved Disney milestones like Oaken’s Barn or Ariel’s Grotto and level them up to pick up the favorable position against your rivals and assume control over the amusement board.

– Embark upon a capricious enterprise in Saga mode as you and your character buddies finish missions to procure vital Disney things.

– Challenge family and companions in a totally patched up multiplayer mode! Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to manage the board and score enormous on amusement night? Play Disney Magical Dice: The Enchanted Board Game!

The Basics

It’s entirely sheltered to state that the board design and general point of Disney Magical Dice will be quickly well-known to everything except the extremely most youthful players. The board is partitioned into various squares, and on each turn, you roll the dice and move that many spaces. On the off chance that the square you arrive on is empty, you can buy it and assemble structures on it; the further around the board you go, the more costly the squares move toward becoming.

The board additionally has a few exceptional squares:

  • Begin – Collect extra mint pieces each time you arrive on or pass this square.
  • Diminish Pan’s Flying Ship – Allows you to move to any square of your decision next turn, gathering your reward in the event that you pass Start.
  • Dozing Beauty Castle – Lets you begin a Festival on one of your squares, expanding the lease multiplier there.
  • Frequented Mansion – Traps you for three turns unless you pay a coin charge or move duplicates to get away.

Talking about moving duplicates, doing as such on a consistent turn enables you to go once more. Be that as it may, the most one of a kind thing about Disney Magical Dice is the level of control you have over the dice roll. Rather than simply tapping the “Move” catch, you really hold it down in view of whether you’re going for a low move (2-5), medium move (6-8) or high move (9-12). On the off chance that you get a Magic Roll, your roll is ensured to be in the coveted range. In the event that you don’t get a Magic Roll, the aggregate of the dice will be arbitrary. You consequently get a Magic Roll after five turns on the off chance that you don’t get one sooner. As you may figure, Magic Rolls can be imperative stuck in an unfortunate situation zones possessed by your rivals or going for a square you truly need to purchase.

Another distinction between this amusement and other comparative ones is that on the off chance that you arrive on a square claimed by another person, you can take it over by paying twice its cost. That comes after you pay the lease related with it, so while this move isn’t shabby, it gives you some extra adaptability to abstain from getting nailed by a similar square over and again, and in addition an approach to complete off a shading if your rivals have blocked it by getting one square.

The most effective method to Win a Game in Disney Magical Dice

Like that amusement we’re making a decent attempt also by name, the least complex approach to win in Disney Magical Dice is to bankrupt your restriction. As you move around the board and purchase spaces, you’ll at that point gather lease at whatever point your adversaries arrive on them. Building greater structures on them, from one story to three story structures and afterward extraordinary Landmarks, enables you to gather much more lease.

In the long run, one player, ideally you, will wind up with every one of the coins in play. There are additionally points of confinement to shield each diversion from taking hours, as far as the two times and the quantity of turns. On the off chance that both of these achieves zero, the player who has the most coins right then and there will be proclaimed the victor.

As you advance, you’ll likewise open extra sheets that have their own one of a kind win conditions over bankrupting every other person. Make certain to contemplate these whenever you open another board or you may end losing a match and not realize what’s happening.

Reward tip: If you arrive on a square and need to pay lease that is higher than the quantity of coins you have abandoned, it’s not really the end. The amusement enables you to auction properties or even take a “loan” that must be reimbursed, however this is truly just a genuine alternative in the event that you claim a ton of squares and see a route for a rally to occur.

Step Up Characters — When Hoarding is Good

In a comparative style to an excessive number of current versatile recreations to include, the playing pieces Disney Magical Dice can be stepped up by gathering a greater amount of them. You’ll discover figures from numerous points of view — as triumph remunerates in planned chests, as prizes basically to log in at regular intervals and by playing the “Adventure” single-player mode. To propel a figure to the following level, you’ll require both the right number of copies and the correct measure of gold, both of which increment with each extra level.

There are two advantages to playing with more elevated amount figures, in light of the details that every one of them have:

  • Luckiness: Increases the odds of a Magic Roll and the odds of getting a good Fortune Card when you arrive on the right space.
  • Thriftiness: Decreases the quantity of coins you pay to assume control over a contradicting player’s space, utilize extraordinary squares, assemble structures and even the cost of lease.

Each character additionally has extraordinary points of interest that open at particular levels. Those are excessively various, making it impossible to list here, so ensure you tap on your characters’ profiles in your Inventory to perceive what is coming up for every one.

Of Items and Yes, Dice

Once your record achieves level 3, you’ll open thing spaces that you can discover on the left-hand side of your Inventory screen. You’ll likewise consequently get your first thing, the Moon Bless, which allows you to twofold the lease on a square you claim at whatever point you arrive on it.

There are more than twelve distinct things you can discover as prizes, and you’ll inevitably open the capacity to utilize around four of them immediately. Far superior, the things openings are associated with your record, not the figures, so you won’t need to stress over swapping things between characters once you discover some you like.

One last approach to enhance your prosperity is the most fitting of whatever: you can purchase new dice with exceptional properties to supplant the typical set you get when beginning. New dice can be bought utilizing Gems, the diversion’s top notch cash, from the “Dice” tab in the Shop. Just tap on the question mark symbol beside any combine of dice to perceive what rewards they convey to the table, including their own one of a kind Luckiness and Thriftiness details.

That’s all in this tutorial. Hope you guys like it. If you have any questions or queries, please ask in the comments section below. Thank you.

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