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Radiation City Game Tips, Tricks – Ultimate Guide & Walkthrough For iOS & Android


Welcome to the world of Radiation City where a great survival adventure awaits you!

Forty years after the unfortunate accident of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, destiny brings you to the area of carefully recreated city of Pripyat. Uncover the amazing story, untangle the mystery and try to save your loved one.

This is not an easy task. It’s a huge open world area filled with dangers and anomalies. Hungry predators and sub-human creatures, they all want a piece of you. The elements, combined with radiation and unexplained phenomenon, make the lovely looking environment a place where you shouldn’t be. Yet, here you are.

Scavenge for resources inside any building and especially the landmarks of Pripyat: hotel Polissya, the cultural center, cinema Prometheus, the swimming pool and all the abandoned flat buildings. Craft and choose your gear wisely. Discover and use the campsites for safely passing the nights. Equipment, weapons and the vehicles you may find and use are your only friends.

Good luck!

The Basics

  • It’s not the beasts that are your greatest danger here – it’s parchedness and starvation that will get you.
  • Pay special mind to wells or water pumps. They’re frequently very simple to discover in towns. They’ll extinguish your thirst and in addition give you the methods in which to refill any void containers you have.
  • Clearly, that implies ensure you have purge bottles close by.
  • Nourishment involves rummaging and searching. See what you can search out and gather all nourishment. Indeed, even a few berries will keep you ticking along somewhat longer than without.
  • Try not to run all over the place. Indeed, it’s quicker, yet your stamina will deplete and you’ll wind up much slower for a period. It’s not worth the hazard as you may run over a circumstance where you have to escape quick.

Step Up

  • Step up happens sensibly rapidly at an opportune time. You win ability focuses each time you level up.
  • Utilize those aptitude focuses well. You can place them into things like boosting your stamina or resistance levels, and in addition speed and general wellbeing. Consider what sort of play style you need to seek after here, and put the focuses in appropriately.
  • For the most part, focuses into speed and life are constantly worth doing.

Getting By

  • You truly need to discover a rucksack as quickly as time permits. Your survival is subject to having the capacity to convey a lot of stuff that can nourish you or offer you different advantages. Beginning, you truly don’t have much stock space so deal with finding a knapsack rapidly. It’ll have a significant effect.
  • Can’t discover a can opener? There’s a journey right off the bat that aides you towards one, however in the event that something transpired – utilize a blade rather to pry open the tins.
  • At the point when it’s dim, cover up. Locate a tent or other asylum similarly as nightfall is setting, at that point stay asleep for the entire evening. You super would prefer not to be oblivious, regardless of the possibility that you’re great prepared.


  • You need to maintain a strategic distance from battle wherever conceivable. Radiation City isn’t a shooter, it’s a survival amusement. Surviving is more imperative than slaughtering.
  • Fleeing from a zombie? Ensure it loses its viewable pathway on you before you hang out some place. Zombies are stupid and will lose intrigue once they can’t see you for some time.
  • On the off chance that you get assaulted, you may wind up tainted. Contaminations just deteriorate after some time so you have to chip away at discovering drug rapidly to recuperate it.

Thinking Long Term

  • See those vehicles scattered around now and again? You can repair those. In any case, you will require conduit tape, wires, and scrap mental to stand a possibility. Likewise, look at the vehicle’s trunk for more rigging.
  • In the end, you’ll have the capacity to set up bases at different camp areas, which means you can quick go between them. This is dependably a smart thought as it’s a far more secure strategy than simply running.

Well people, that is just for now. Trust this guide helps you in beginning to Radiation City or for the general population who have begun playing, trust this guide helps them. It would be ideal if you remark beneath for any inquiries, questions or inputs. See ya.

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